QUEST 3+ Online Submission System enabled Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Traditional and Veterinary Product License Holder, Manufacturer, Importer, Re-packer, Reseller and other related users to conduct secured online transactions for product registration, variation, licensing, market sampling, renewal and other transactions.

myCPD 2.0

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge, understanding and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional duties throughout the individual’s working life.

FoSIM Domestic

Food Safety Information System for Domestic to manage online registration and surveillance of food premises. The system is integrated with other Food Safety and Quality Systems such as WALIS, FOHTIS, SPMJA and SPA.


The system enhance the official control activities of fish products to be exported to EU for compliance with all the EU requirements, where all the approval and information pertaining to the result of inspection of raw material and processing premise, analytical results for all monitoring programs, information on the rapid alert system and information regarding the generation of Health Certificate are integrated into a system.

Blood Bank Information System

BBIS is developed based on System Operation Procedure (SOP) and guided by the book Transfusion Practice Guidelines for Clinical and Laboratory Personnel. The main process of the BBIS System consists of Donor Management, Processing, Screening and Blood Grouping and Inventory processes.

Online Ship Survey Monitoring System

OSMOSYS is a system that facilitates electronic submission of applications for ships classification by ship owners and input of survey data by the surveyors as well as reports generation via a secured online web-based transmission. It is a repository that contains clients data, vessels and surveys detail activities.

FoSIM Import

Food Safety Information System for Import to integrated with the Jabatan Kastam DiRaja Malaysia for clearance of imported food products by the Ministry of Health. The system enables business owners, importers and clearing agents to conduct online transactions for approval by MOH and JKDM.


Telekonsultasi Project (TC) that connects 44 health facilities nationwide as well as in the Network Operating Center (NOC) room. Telehealth and Data Center (DC) in Cyberjaya to ensure that health services can be provided without limiting geographical location. This project aims to improve overall effectiveness in providing healthcare services. for disciplines using diagnostic imaging like Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Radiology and Dermatology.

Oral Healthcare Information System

The Oral Health Clinical Information System (OHCIS) is the pioneer project of the Ministry of Health to transform the records of dental services from manual systems to electronic systems. The OHCIS system integrates with the Teleprimary Care System (TPC) through the search of patient demographic information that comes to the TPC health clinic using the integration engine of myHIX.

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